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Many years back (I think some time in 2008!), I moved my blog here: Mr Manpower's Blog

I've written something like 900 blog posts with all sorts of information since then.  Check it out.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Does ExtenZe really work?

Extenze….the company cracks me up altogether…their product, their commercials, their cheezy-ass, 1980s-looking logo (why is the Z capitalized?). The new commercials are great. I’ve provided a link to the commercial for your convenience (click here).

The guy in the beginning of the commercial really irritates me, especially that supposedly natural smirk he makes after he retorically asks, “A capsule that can make a man larger?” (12 seconds into the video). And check out the face that lady makes when she says “that certain part of a male body”…. It is hilarious that while she is saying it has been “scientifically proven” there is writing saying “This product has not been evaluated by the F.D.A.” Why don’t they let it be evaluated by the FDA? And where’s the scientific proof? I bet the “key ingredient” is dog shit the owner scooped up in his back yard while counting the millions of dollars he’s making.

“It’s not a gimmick; it’s real science”. They think they will convince you by showing some “scientists” playing with multi-colored water in a lab. Oh yeah, I’m really convinced…and then comes Doctor Stein… For the right buck, lots of "doctors" would come out on this commercial and put their stupid mug on it. Real natural how he says “that certain part of a male body” just like the lady…could it be that he’s READING A SCRIPT??

I’m not even going to waste any more time with this bullshit commercial… a little background on my “research” with ExtenZe: I took these pills for a few months back in 2004. As soon as I started taking it, I had like a semi-erection all the time (that’s why they give you a weeks supply). But after about five months, and some annoying stomach problems, I stopped taking these retarded (and overpriced pills). My erection hadn’t grown a millimeter. A good friend of mine bought them recently, and tried them out for a few months as well. Same results as me; not a damn thing.

Look, there’s no way to make your penis bigger in a week…and there is no lazy solution like pills or medicines that can change the physical composition of your penis. There are manual exercises that work, as well as some heavier exercises (some involving weights; not for beginners) that have helped me gain a little more than an inch in erection length, some girth and a bigger flaccid size (and still gaining). My erections have also gotten stronger. It may be hard to believe for some who’ve never heard of it, so at the end of this blog I’ve included answers to many of the common questions.

If you are interested in my guide, you can download it at I’ve done a lot of research on this, and met quite a few people who have gained a good amount (more than 2 inches) who have provided me with the information on how to really gain size. If you do not see results within 60 days, you’ll get a full refund (notice how the length of time is 60 days; this takes time, you gotta be patient). My name is David, and if you have any questions at all, you can write me at I’ll respond within a day or two.

Common concerns:

Peace, love and sexy time!

-Mr. Manpower

Monday, July 21, 2008

Updated Guide: Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement, Version 2.0

I recently updated my guide, Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement…I have made some progression, and discovered some new things in regards to the penis enlargement, male multiple orgasms, and libido enhancement section. Some of the pointers that I include could be make it or break its for some people.

Plus I went through the whole guide, cleaned it up a little, and added some more of my thoughts to all of the sections. Check out Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement, Version 2.0. If you’ve already ordered the guide, shoot me an email, and I’ll send you the updated guide for free.

If you got any questions, feel free to email me at My name’s David. Also, check out my new blog entries at


Mr. Manpower

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Blog has moved!!!!

Check out my new blog, closer to home…. somebody was really nice and included it in my website….all my new posts will go on there, so check it out! Let me know what you think!



All-in-one sex guide for Men

In case you haven’t had a chance to review the rest of my blog, you should take a look it…I think I cover any sexual issue or concern that a man could ever have. I cover all of these issues because I myself have been faced with almost every sexual concern possible.

I was unhappy with my penis size; so I researched on esoteric penis enlargement techniques, and found a community of men who have been successful in the technique: Using these penis enlargement techniques, I’ve gained over an inch in length, its fatter, and it hangs more. With these same techniques, there are men who have increased more than 4 inches in length (don’t believe me? Check out the rest of my blog).

I felt my sex drive disappearing during a time period in my life; I researched and compiled information from various sources on natural methods to boost my testosterone levels and enhance my sex drive.

I would ejaculate quickly; I researched many online sources and purchased various books, from Taoist methods of male multiple orgasms (what I consider the real cure for premature ejaculation), to books written by doctor’s and even sex surrugates; I’ve managed to elongate my sexual time to longer than 30 minutes of non-stop intercourse, and I’ve pulled off the multiple orgasm technique where I had four orgasms in one sex session, without losing my erection.

I had time periods where I could not achieve or maintain an erection; I’ve discovered methods, both mental and physical, to overcome any mental boundaries on achieving an erection, and physically strengthening the erection till it has become a machine.

I needed to learn how to perform oral sex/cunnilingus; Once again, I compiled quite a bit of literature, and practiced and practiced my methods of cunnilingus, until I’ve mastered the art.

I had difficulty making my girlfriend orgasm; I found various methods, techniques, tips and pointers on how to get her there..and although every woman’s body is different…I have been very successful.

All of this information I have compiled in one guide. I decided to call it Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement

It is available for download right now on

It includes a guide to penis enlargement, premature ejaculation tips, methods of overcoming premature ejaculation such as the male multiple orgasm technique (I FINALLY have mastered it, and mentioned the tips to make the difference) and a guide to libido enhancement and naturally boosting your testosterone level. Also don’t forget to check out A Cunnilinguists Guide to Bringing Your Woman to Oral Ecstasy

If you got any questions feel free to hit me up at

Peace, love, and sexy time!


Monday, June 30, 2008

Does penis size matter?

Does penis size matter? Does it really matter? A question that comes up all the time, all over the place. I would honestly have to say it does matter somewhat, but not as much most people think.

You see, most women require their clitoris to be stimulated in order for them to have an orgasm. So you can have an 8 and a 1/2 inch rod, but unless your stimulating that love button, your girl might not get off. Now that is not all cases. Some women can orgasm from intercourse alone, and some women have strong orgasms when you hit their cervix, which is deep down inside the vagina.

However, even these women can orgasm from clitoral stimulation, so even if you have a smaller penis, you can still bring your woman to orgasm. I believe in most cases, having a larger penis is just something to feel good about. You feel manlier than the guy with the smaller penis next to you, or you feel good because you’re supposedly larger than your girl’s last boyfriend.

I think its some deep-rooted stuff. You automatically feel envious of a man with a larger penis. Shoot, we all do. This is such a deep-rooted emotion that they’ve even given this psychological effect a name: “penis envy”.

That is why we really want to have a larger penis. We want to impress our girlfriends or wives, we want to be larger than any of their exes, and we want to be larger than most dudes in the same room as us.

But it is not really neccessary, and we can live a happy life, complete with a satisfactory sex-life, without having to be larger than the majority of men we come across.

However, if you would, just for your own confidence-sake, like to at least have a say in the matter, there are manual exercises that work to enlarge the penis. You should approach them with a patient and respectful attitude, because although you can gain upwards of an inch (I’ve gone from about 6 inches to a little over 7 inches, much thicker, and it hangs more when flaccid), you can injure yourself if you over do them.

I have many previous posts that discuss how it works, and includes proof of that it works and all.

For a copy of my guide, check out Email me with any questions or concerns you may have…



Thursday, June 26, 2008

I hate those Extenze commercials…

I’m sorry, I do. Allow me to rant… The acting is fake as hell. It is so evil how much they try to eat at men’s insecurities. They have three different women, obviously supposed to make up a group of women that express most women’s thoughts. They sit there, acting like they’re giving away their deepest thoughts on men and penis size, and how they cut any man lose who has a smaller penis. It is so fake. If they were really expressing what most women think, then I wouldn’t want to deal with women any more.

It is total bullshit. They also do supposedly “random” interviews of people on the street who supposedly use Extenze. They’ll have an older or middle aged male with an incredibly hot women, and she is looking at him like she is worshipping him, because of his penis size. “Things will get bigger…” the old man says with a smirk on his mug. Bullshit, those pills don’t even work on top of everything! I tried them for four months and didn’t see shit! My penis was in a semi-erect state a lot of the day, so it FELT bigger, but my erection didn’t grow a millimeter.

So now that these A-holes are selling a fake product, I hate their commercials even more! They should be cut off the air. The cheesy male interviewer and the canned jokes him and the women say. Look, if your penis isn’t that big, its not that big of a deal. If it’s anywhere near average, then you’re alright. If you wanna make it bigger, for your own confidence, fine…but you don’t NEED to. You can still find a high-quality woman. If a woman cuts you loose because you were undersized, then she’s a pretty shallow woman, and she probably would have cheated (or something along those lines) anyway, even if you did have a bigger penis.

Now Enzyte on the other hand…I like their commercials, lol. I mean, all commercials gotta feed some kind of need, but there’s is just kind of funny. I’ve caught myself whistling that damn theme every once in a while. A while back when I was real stressed, my sex drive took a hit, and I needed a boost. So I tried out their free sample or whatever. I mean, it did give me kind of a sex drive boost. However, their commercials are a little misleading…they make it seem like “Bob’s” penis got bigger. It will not get bigger, at all. Also, there are other, natural methods to enhance your libido that don’t cost a thing.

If you are interested in a real way to enlarge your penis, just for your own sake, there are manual exercises that work. With time, I’ve perfected these exercises, and I’ve gained a little over an inch myself, plus it hangs a lot more and heavier. For more info on these exercises, please checkout some of my previous posts.

I have a guide that you can download for dirt cheap right now at It teaches you everything you will ever need to know about these exercises, and you will never have to buy another product (unlike these damn pills). It also teached natural ways to libido enhancement. If you have any questions at all regarding my exercises, do not hesitate to contact me at

Muchas gracias,

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